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Wellness Wednesdays at St Paul's

Wednesdays equal wellbeing at St Paul's Camden! Students have been given the opportunity to engage in a range of creative and physical activities on our Wellness Wednesdays – specifically activities that are not technology-based – and they're loving the benefits!

Started in remote learning and continued on the students' first week returning to school, we enjoyed our final Wellness Wednesday together as a school community.

During the day, students participated in a number of creative activities, both collaboratively and individually.

It was a beautiful way to reconnect as a school community after months apart.

“I liked Wellness Wednesdays because I liked taking time off the internet and my iPad. At school, we got to enjoy some games and learn Indian chess” — Chloe, Year 5 student

“It was fun! We played games, made dresses out of newspaper and had a fashion show. And I loved that I didn’t have to do school work, ” Year 4 student, Braxton said.