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Kindergarten and Year 6 buddy time

At St Paul's, Kindergarten and Year 6 students meet regularly for 'buddy time'.

During this time our school leaders assist their Kindergarten buddies with fine-motor skills, writing, reading and sporting skills.

This is a great opportunity for both grades to build upon relationship and problem-solving skills.

"Our buddies care for us."
"They help us learn new things."
"They play games with us.”
— Kindergarten students

Year 6 also thoroughly enjoy the experience of spending time with our school's newest and youngest:

"If my buddy needs help, I am there"
"Every time we see each other we smile"
"I hope that I am someone my buddy can look up to"
"I like having someone younger to talk to at school because I remember when I was in Kindergarten and what is was like"
"I like teaching him to do the right thing"
"I enjoy buddy time as I get to hang out with someone I normally wouldn’t"
— Year 6 students