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Take a Virtual Tour of Our School

Welcome to St Paul's! Take a virtual tour of our school below – have a look around our classrooms, school hall and library, our outdoor play and learning areas, and more.

Explore our school virtual tour below by pressing the play button and taking a look around each of our 360° scenes*. You can also see more areas of our school by clicking the different scenes lined up in a row at the bottom of the virtual tour window below.

*Look around each of our 360° virtual tour scenes above by either: swiping around the space (mobile/tablet); clicking and dragging your mouse around the space (computer); or clicking the tour space above and then using your keyboard arrows (computer) to navigate around the scene.

Interested in enrolling at St Paul's?

We'd love to welcome you and show you our school in person!
See What We Offer and find more information below.